TEZIBEL means rhythm. She played the piano for 12 years and started singing when she was 6 but eventually found herself producing and DJing fast, ravey Electro and pumping Techno. Because of this background she is never afraid of vocals in her own productions or in her set.
As a DJ, TEZIBEL loves everything that makes the crowd go full out.
Always keeping it focused on the dancefloor. Considering that she is a dancer and spinning instructor you will definitely get a good workout with her.

Her first releases “Body Creature”, a single, and “Full out”, a three track-EP on viennese label “Vienna Underground Traxx” is exactly what she stands for as a producer: heavy and fast breaks combined with her own strong vocals, infused with rhythmical drums.

TEZIBEL is a teamplayer as well. That´s why she connected with Big Stein and Laurens to form the collective “Redivider” just before the first Covid-19 Lockdown. Although it was a hard time for a new crew, Redivider was able to establish themselves among the Viennese underground scene, hosting parties at various locations all over the city.