Neomodern aka Nemanja Stojanovic is a multimedia artist based in Subotica, Serbia, who’s making waves and DJing with his unique music style and enormous love for that genre. His sound is a blend of sophisticated minimal synth beats with a seductive touch of acid house and new beat styles. Apart from his music, Nemanja is also known for his contributions to the cultural scene in Serbia. For the past six years, he’s been the Creative Director of Sxablon Festival, one of the most progressive and independent cultural platforms in the country. He’s also curated exhibitions at the ephemeral Sxablon Gallery, which showcases contemporary art. As Neomodern and 1/2 of YusYus, Nemanja has been active in the European cultural scene for 15 years. He’s performed at all the major cultural hotspots such as Paradiso in Amsterdam, Pratersauna in Vienna, Klub K4 in Ljubljana, Tvornica Kulture in Zagreb, Drugstore in Belgrade, and many more.