dj supergirl is German-Austrian DJ currently based in Vienna. Her style is a vibrant mix of hard techno and influences from hip hop and pop. She is interested in the combination of different genres and merges different variations of techno with trance, girly vocals, and rap. Being a passionate club dancer, movement and rhythm are some of the major inspirations for her mixes. Within the techno scene, dj supergirl stands out for bringing together an energetic interpretation of hard techno, her unconventional style and aesthetics, and references to art, culture, and politics.

Comrade Martin is a Slovenian DJ based in Vienna. Growing up in an industrial Balkan city sparked his passion for techno music and its distinct mechanical sound. His early musical influence was the punk music that was created and played behind the iron curtain. This influence is still present to this day and expressed in his believe that if you want to do something, just do it. In his late teens he discovered hard techno and experienced the magic of the rave culture. Combining punk and techno enabled him to develop his own personal style and position in the Viennese techno scene.

dj supergirl and Comrade Martin are founders of the DJ collective vodka&flowers, with which they play and produce music, and organize events.