DJ ReSista

RESISTA has been involved in the Viennese club scene for around two decades. She became known as a Drum & Bass DJ in the 2000s, and her love for broken beats has remained until today. From the mid-2010s she turned from DnB to bouncing NuSchool breaks, later the journey went to 140-jungle and on to UK rave/hardcore.

Today, RESISTA doesn’t stop at such genre boundaries anymore. Her selection reflects all the sounds she’s been celebrating and absorbed on the dancefloor over the years: Breaks, Bass, UKG & 2Step, Rave/Hardcore, Jungle, Juke, Dubstep, Techno. She serves everything that contains breakbeat flavors – from oldschool classics to new productions that have rediscovered the time of UK Rave/Hardcore from the early days as a source and taking it further.