DJ Odd




“It is not necessary to decide whether you prefer to celebrate techno, house, breaks or generally bass music, just listen to it and play it.” Originally coming from jungle and electro with a longer stop at (dub) techno and dubstep, odd stayed true to this approach and in his current sets and productions combines broken techno and UKbass with an open ear towards house and early 90ties jungle / rave.
With the support of the ARGEkultur Salzburg odd organized ages ago the event series Audio Shadow in order to give DJs the prime time, who usually organize events and keep the scene running without getting enough credit for their work. After moving to Vienna Rak3te asked him to join Klub Sir3ne to highlight all different aspects of dub and bass music. Together with dj defizit, b.ranks and ramires r, odd founded OFF THE GRID in 2019.