Christina Nemec (Comfortzone) presents an unheimlich vision of future ambient music with ‘Empty Airport’, further to her aktions with Peter Rehberg and Christian Schachinger in Shampoo Boy. Also including additional mixing from Christian Fennesz in the gauzily layered introduction, ‘Abandoned House’, the album unfolds a finely-parsed mixture of field recordings and electronics laced with inorganictechno drums and stalked by slow moving black masses of bass. If Eno’s ‘Music For Airports’ is a dreamy experience, this is its nightmare analog; recreating, for us at least, that sensation of being encapsulated in headphones in an altered stateamidst milling holiday zombies and invisible but powerful electro-magnetic wavesradiating from humming x-ray scanners and conveyor belts. A bit like LiverpoolJohn Lennon airport with the cheesy statue of John replaced by some Orwelliandictator glaring from the centre of a huge, abandoned concourse.